Houiea LOVE the Mage

(Ow - yay) Ow like wow and Yay like have a happy day. In August 2013 he prayed to god for his spiritual name and in a dream that night it was written out on a stone by the orisha babalu-aye. He was then told to wait to until it was time to use it.  

     Formerly known as Lorenzo Ricardo Walker II, Houiea LOVE is a multidimensional healing artist based in the Bronx. He grew up in Paulsboro, New Jersey and has visited almost every major city along the east coast. His healing journey consciously began in Janurary 2012, after a jarring awakening that lead to his isolation from society. He began to deeply study religions, the occult, world histories, mysticism and any methodology that served the highest good. He approaches life with an innocence that nurtures his inner child in a creatively nourishing way-- all in service to the divine. Through a continuous process of unlearning systemic programming and internal exploration, he intends to be the highest embodiment of LOVE that he can possibly achieve in this lifetime. Through purification of the soul and the soul vessel, all is made clear and manifest by will of the divine.

In March 2012 he saw a woman having a bad day and felt in his heart that he should give her his good day. He visualized himself transferring his energy to her and miraculously, before his very eyes, she left the bus elated. He promptly had 3 weeks of bad luck after. This was the lesson he learned, not to ever give of ones own energy but instead from the infinite pool of divine LOVE from the source of all creation. 

April 9th, 2013 he received his first Reiki session at Woodbury Wellness Center by Patti Nebel. The very next day he returned and became a student. One month later, on May 9th, he was braiding a friends hair as she was pouring out her sorrows. When he was finished, he laid her hair down and divine healing came through his hands to calm her mind. She felt the inner peace that he felt when he received Reiki. About one week later he was attuned to Reiki 1. He continued with local Reiki shares and learning through personal sessions with his Reiki master, then received his second attunement in June of that same year. 

One year and one day from his first Reiki session, he received his mastership. It was a long arduous journey of self discovery and exploration. He takes healing quite seriously and wanted to be exactly ready by the divines standards, not his own. By this time, his journey opened him up in so many ways that he was bursting with creativity. He dubbed himself a Healing Artist because he learned to use art to heal himself as well as others. After all, Reiki is a healing art. 

Along his journey, he has been taught by a list of mentors and influenced by many works that mold him into the divine being that he is: Apostle Joel H. Moorefield Sr. and Jr., Patti Nebel, Judy Dingler, Dr. Stanley El, Ackbar and AnneMarie of sacred green earth, Paramahansa Jagadish, Yendys Nefer Atum, Erika Totten, Ra Sema Ba, Drunvalo Melchizedek's teachings, Kelly Howells meditations, along with Delores Cannon and Louise Hay's books to say the least.

When he accepted the gift of communicating with beings in higher realms, he was told very clearly that in order to continue to do so that he must see them as equals. He must raise his vibration to communicate with them and meet on a level playing field. So while he gives veneration and thanks to them for guidance and protection, he always reserves all praises to the source of all creation that undeniably exists. He understands the source of all creation as the masculine and feminine prime creator that breathed forth life into the universe, as the universe, to be a reflection of itself. 

Houiea is forever redefining GOD, as his life is forever in motion. As he learns and remembers more of who he is, he understands more of what GOD is. GOD is all things cross space and time. All of creation is a reflection of the creator and we have the opportunity to find its reflection through understanding and compassion. GOD is LOVE. Through LOVING ourselves we accept the GOD in ourselves. Through LOVING others we accept the GOD in others and so forth, even with intangible life. GOD is eternal energy. GOD is our eternal soul that connects us all and sustains life within and without us. GOD is ALL.


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Curriculum Vitae 


Soul Circle at Minka Brooklyn

October 12TH, 19th and 26th

Higher-self and Numerology Readings at The Wellness Market's Outdoor Community Market.

Sept 16TH

Co-facilitated Black LOVE Garden Party with Jia Justice

Sept 11th

Reiki Healing at Nicholas Brooklyn during weekly Healing Circle

Tuesdays starting August 30th - currently

Moving Meditation Month at Minka Brooklyn with Co-Facilitators Malorie Bryant, Kyan Williams, Kaia Archer, Kevon Inspires, and Sunder Ashni

Wednesdays in August

Spiritual Protection Meditation with Millions March NYC 

Aug 12TH

Earthing with Krena Dean's "Witches Brew" Enchantment for protection ritual


Co-facilitated Black LOVE dinner with Tsige Tafesse and other community organizers


Radio Interview with Krena Dean on Brooklyn Music World

JUly 5th

Higher-self Readings at Minka Community Grand Open House


"Dance of the Ori" with Jamia Nicole at Sehiii Live

June 1st

Higher-Self Readings at Minka Community Open House


Guided Meditation at New Moon Gathering Hosted by My Urban Illumination

May 6th

Facilitated Weekly Healing Meditations at Minka Brooklyn

April 27TH - October 5th every wednesday at 6pm

Joined Green Earth Poets Cafe

April 14TH

Facilitated Meditations at Gay Men of African Descent


Spiritual Protection Workshop at NJ Students of Color Conference - Jersey City University


Showcased a collection of Healing Garments during NYFW for people of color with Sehiii Live


LGBT Youth Calendar with Hetrick-Martin Institute

January 6th



Performed and Choreographed a Solo piece titled "Paradigms" at Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance's Blatinx Festival

November 22

Featured on HuffPost Gay voices in partnership with Hetrick-Martin Institute 

November 19th

Danced a solo piece at First Lutheran Churches Dia de los Muertos celebration


Directed and Danced in LGBT Artist Miah-B music video

October 29th

Featured on HuffPost Gay voices in partnership with Hetrick-Martin Institute 


Featured on Logotv in partnership with Hetrick-Martin Institute for Spirit Day

October 15TH

Hosted and performed as a featured poet at Poetry Expose'

Septermber 27th

Designed costumes and photographed Arthur Aviles and Nicholas Dummits "Performing through the Bronx"

Septermber 26th

Showcased during NYFW at Tagine Restaurant in partnership with Metropolitan Couture Media Group

Septermber 10TH

"Ritual Dance" with Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance in partnership with "Dancing through the Bronx"

August 21TH

Guest Speaker at Hetrick-Martin's Summer Camp Benefit

August 1st

Interned for the Bob Lord, President of AOL.

JUNE - August

"Who am I?" solo performance at Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance's "Out Like that Festival"

June 26th

Taught Vogue Workshop on behalf of The Kandake Dance Theater 

June 25th

Performed at Theater for the New City as "The Genie" in "1001 Knights dance Opera" written and directed by Olga El, Founder of The Kandake Dance Theater

June 15TH

Solo Performance at "Comin' out to the Courthouse" Presented by No Longer Empty and a part of The Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance's "Out Like That Festival"

June 5th

Featured in Hetrick-Martin's Youth Empowerment Campaign in partnership with American Eagle Outfitters displayed in Time Square for the entire month of June


Performed at Jamaica Performing Arts Center as "The Genie" in "1001 Knights dance Opera" written and directed by Olga El, Founder of The Kandake Dance Theater

May 28th

Screened Short Film "Does it Matter?" at Reciprocity Foundation

April 30th

Debuted Short Film "Does it Matter?" at Reciprocity Foundation in partnership with Tribeca Film Institute


Prescreened Short Film "Does it Matter?" at Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance for their Bad Ass Women's Festival

March 27TH



Performed at WOW Cafe Theater as "The Genie" in "1001 Knights dance Opera" written and directed by Olga El, Founder of The Kandake Dance Theater

August 21st, 22nd, 28tH, 29th, 

Co-Facilitated "Sherr-Circle" or Art

May 24TH

Debuted "Insightful Thoughts: A Book of Poetry" at "The Making of America" A constitutional Class held by The National Society for American Business Ownership

April 15th

Featured on Live Radio and cable broadcast on SNJ Today with Dr. Stanley El

March 25TH

Live Interview on FD HDMS with Samone Malone 

January 25th



Featured Model and Artist in Woodbury's Fall Art's Fest

September 29th

Taught Intro to Life, a spiritual development workshop at Judy Dingler's space

SEPTEMBER and October

Taught Intro to Life, a spiritual development workshop

Twice in August




Healing gifts

Certified Reiki Master (2014)
Received from Patti Nebel of The Woodbury Wellness Center. Studied from April 2013 - April 2014. Reiki is energy healing, and it is used to heal one or multiple vessels at once. Healing occurs on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.


Spiritual Reader and Medium
Practiced and performed spiritual readings since 2013. Spoken Prophecy since childhood. Houiea did monthly readings at Sacred Green Earth from November 2013 to November 2014.


Guided Meditation Facilitator
Houiea began leading others in meditation privately in 2013 when he realized how advanced his meditations were; as well as how his natural gift to guide others manifested itself safely in that gift.


Past life and Karmic Cleanse Rituals
Houiea has been performing private ritual cleanses on himself to clear up karmic debts from past and current lives. This is a gift not yet ready to be offered as a service.


Artistic Gifts 

Speaking is something that simply comes as a natural gift. Houiea has been publicly speaking on spirituality since 2013 and on LGBT Homelessness in 2015.


By combining spirituality with drawing, images are manifested to represent the current time of any now. Images of beings are also channeled from the 4th,5th and 6th dimension.


Painting has always been a self taught gift of the divine that is used to bring more life to the imagery that is seen through the third eye. Each painting holds more value as they have color and require more time to complete.


Through movement Houiea releases pinned up emotions and expressed the beauty of his true form. It is a healing experience and a marvel to see the divine move through him. His movement foundation is vogue and from there he has learned to improvise or choreograph in real-time what is being displayed. He has observed but never professionally studied other forms of movement. 


In 2015 the camera was picked up and used to capture the beautiful images of which can be seen elsewhere on this site. Cameras are used to capture moments in time of the beautiful essence that is life. 


Writing has been a passion in the art of communicating emotions since 2011. Its the first of many art forms that he actually took serious. At times he writes from his soul; at other times he channels the divine. Either way all that is written is an expression of truth within and beyond. 


Sewing is used to create garments that make the wearer feel like their true selves. Each piece is created to bring out the potential of its wearer and inspire others to do the same simply by looking at them.


Layout design is a hidden passion that many have yet to see the fruits of. While in second grade his father brought home a 3D Home Architect program for drafting layouts. It's been a secret hobby that has truly flourished into an unknown world in its own right.