I am that I am. I find myself in a state of apoplexy as I reach the end of my social media fast. I return having explored greater depths of my darkness which allow me to expand greater to heights of my light. If we are not aware of the deep mysteries of ourselves then we leave them to run a muck as subconscious idiosyncrasies at their own will. Consciousness is light. When we go inside to explore us, we shine a light on these impulses and deliberately become more conscious of ourselves. 
I am still mourning the murder of my healing father Dr. Sebi. I have every right to feel the emotions inside me and need no external validation for doing just that. As a gorgeous black gay man in the holistic healing industry, at 26 years young, I've either avoided HIV or danced with it. Dr. Sebi was a fearless general who chose to take on the medical industrial complex with action. He fulfilled his purpose by dedicating his life to healing the body. I took his death so personal because it directly correlates with my life purpose. When I needed inspiration to fulfill me, he was there as a shining example.  I feel like no one else can hold space for the depth of my tears unless you're going through what I'm going through, or have overcome it.
I was looking for a reflection that I could only find in the mirror. Yet when I look at myself I see an ugly truth that masks my beautiful face. I see so much in this world that if I choose to say nothing then my festering words would manifest as a physical ailment. So I share these words not for pity, approval or recognition but for the liberation of my eternal soul. I push and keep away those that I LOVE to protect them because I must fearlessly do some things in this world that no one else is willing to do. I give thanks that the lone wolf is always well equipped for the cold winter. In the midst of my wandering I stoppedexternally searching for answers from people who's financial security depends on their ability to lie or moreover blindly accept conditioning without question.
People have been saying I've had HIV for 6 years now. They say wait 5 - 10 years for the virus to show up but these "confirmatory tests" have "proven" that is has. Yet there is still absolutely no medically explicable reason why I still breathe. I put my body on the line to test the validity of a virus that has still yet to be found after 3 decades. I still have yet to take a single Antiretroviral medication. Entire industries have been founded and funded on the perpetuation of our genocide. They've been killing us, they just started doing it more publically in the past few years.  I give thanks that the blood of my ancestors fertilized the skyscrapers that house the demons that commit such travesties against mankind. For we will forever hold seniority over this land. For the light of GOD will always prevail, but not without hardship. The fruit of triumph is laid up in the courage of those willing to get their hands dirty and speak their truth without any fear of consequence. I would much rather be brave enough to speak truth than to live a lie.
In the late 70's there was a liberation of gay culture. They were running rampid with sex, drugs and rock & roll in two major cities, San Fransisco and NYC. San Fran's Castro and NYC's studio 57 were major hot spots for the expression of our liberation in safe spaces. Like a child in college who recently left the suppression of an abusive home, the gays were suddenly free. For decades many had faced the deprivation and creative constriction of the Christian church. So any and every opportunity to explore creation was indulged. People have been dying from sex, drug and rock & roll since before AIDS. Yet due to our liberation we were pigeon holed by the very descendants that created the Christian church. And once again by decree, among middle aged caucasian men, the course of history was changed. 
In 1983 a Frenchman, Luc Montangier discovered a culture of micro organisms that he thought could be the cause of aids. During the time between the late 70's and Luc's discovery, scientists and doctors were searching for this disease that was killing gay people. Instead of properly nourishing the body and instructing them to give up their toxic lifestyles, they sought to introduce more foreign drugs into their system to pacify the symptoms. Shortly after Luc's discovery, Robert Gallo ran to the media and claimed that he found what Luc had discovered.  Without any confirmation or experimentation, he applied for a patent for a test to find this unconfirmed virus a day after he went to the press. 
The fear was like oxygen to the wildfire of dismay that was caused. There were thousands of doctors who spoke up against Gallo and Montagnier and most of them lost government funding for telling the truth. In the early 90's a bit of justice was finally served after the Department of Health and Human Services found Gallo guilty of medical misconduct. (Article by Jon Cohen) His chief of virology was also found guilty for falsifying results in the paper they had written that lead to their demise. However if AIDS was no longer the money train then that would mean that everyone who supported the lie was knowingly wrong the entire time. Luc Montagnier, the original discoverer of the alleged virus, has gone on to say that the body can rid itself of HIV naturally with a proper immune system and healthy diet. Yet this information being released would mean the detriment to a nearly trillion dollar industry, so it has not been largely supported. 


I say on the record that I have never been in the hospital for HIV. While my body is properly well nourished I live a healthy life. Malnutrition, chemo therapy, radiation and man-made recreation drugs have always been the largest causes of AIDS. The film below by Brent W. Leung details much of the epidemic with personal interviews between the discoverers, leading dissidents and other researchers. See for yourself and follow YOUR HEART.