Along your meditative practice you may be guided to expand beyond your physical body. If you are welcoming spirit guides that serve the highest good, then it will happen safely. Before meditation, say a prayer setting your intention to serve and be guided by the highest good through out your journey. Know that your words and acknowledgments have power.

Many are familiar with the 7 Chakra system, as it is the most commonly used for spiritual develop and enlightenment. However there are more chakras that exist beyond the body. In this article we will focus on the two that are right above and below us. 

The Soul Star Chakra is located outside our bodies, above the Crown Chakra. It governs enlightenment and is a gateway to the universal energies that transcend suffering. It pours the divine energy of source into the 7 main chakras.

Some say this is where the soul lives or even the highest expression of ourselves-- our Higher Selves. When this chakra is awakened by the divine it can be used in tandem with the other chakras to maintain ones enlightenment. I distinctly remember having mine activated in a meditation earlier this year. 

I was meditating and healing myself with my guides. Tehuti pointed to the area just above my head and a large golden sphere appeared. He explained it as a personal sun that gives unyielding energy from rah. When I later discovered it was known as a chakra, I was elated that I had this experience in common with others. It looks very much like the orb of transformation that appears above Mother Aset. It was then explained to me that to be given such a gift that I must also become aware of its balancing aspect.

The Earth Star Chakra is below the souls of ones feet. While the root chakra governs the vitality and energy of the body, the Earth Star Chakra grounds us in this physical plane, deeply rooting us in mother earth. It grounds us in our bodies. While a tree sprouts its branches into the skies it is equally rooted in mother earth. For their roots span the exact distance as their branches. 

A healthy Soul Star Chakra allows one to feel peaceful, contentment and unlimited. It stretches your awareness to the knowing that you are unlimited across space and time; to the knowing that your energy comes from an unlimited place of universal LOVE and energy. You are never depleted. You always have the exact amount of energy that you need. 

A healthy Earth Star Chakra allows one to appreciate their physical existence. It allows one to feel physically at home and one with mother earth. As our bodies were made of mother earth, a healthy Earth Star strengthens the intangible connection between the two. 

In conclusion, the Soul Star Chakra will help to align you with your divine purpose and allow a consistent flow of energy between your body and your higher self. The Earth Star Chakra grounds you in your body, allowing you to feel connected to mother earth. Below is a short mediation you can do to help with these chakras.

--The Book of Knowledge