It is with my deepest GRATITUDE that I share these words. The healing experiences that I've been holding space for at Minka Brooklyn have often transcended time and space itself. They began as Community Healing Meditations. I remember the first   6 weeks when no one showed up. I would come prepared to hold space, setting everything up as if people were coming, and no humans would show up. However, my ancestors would come and sit with me every time. I would ask them "What am I doing wrong?" They would say nothing. I would ask "What do I need to do?" To which they would reply "You came to meditate, so meditate." So I would. I took one week off on the first Wednesday of June and wondered if returning was worth it. As always, I went into deep prayer and meditation to seek out guidance. I was told to go back with fresh eyes. For the first time, three people showed up. Then the next week more. Each time after that there were always people to heal and share space with. 

I'm so grateful, that my existence overflows with GRATITUDE. The younger me would say that my words are not enough to express my GRATITUDE, but the present me knows better. I am enough.

Yesterday was the final Soul Circle of this year... I do not  ask for much often, but in conclusion I ask that those who have ever attended or read a talk back to use the teachings. I pray and ask that you use the intangible tools: LOVE, GRATITUDE, Compassion, Forgiveness etc. I pray and ask that you use what I was divinely inspired to share with you.  I do not see fit to take sole credit for healing anyone. Therefore, I earnestly proclaim that I have witnessed the co-creation of many life changing transformations in just a short amount of time... shucks even my own. 

I'm grateful to say that I've only missed one Wednesday since April 27th. I'm grateful to have played a pivotal role in grounding the spiritual energy of this space, being the first weekly workshop to serve the community. I'm grateful to have met so many amazing people. I'm grateful to express pure GRATITUDE in the face of adversity. I'm grateful for growth. I'm grateful for GRATITUDE itself. I'm grateful for LOVE. I'm grateful for you who took the time to read all my feels.