November will be an amazing month for femininity, female empowerment and justice for mother earth. As our bodies come from mother earth, I'm called to share a little known fact about your astrological sign.

The sign that you know yourself to be is your sun sign. This is the part of you that you allow the light to shine on. However, how you manifested in this world is your earth sign. This is your physical body. It is the exact polar opposite of your sun sign. 

Aries ~ Libra
Taurus ~ Scorpio
Gemini ~ Sagittarius
Cancer ~ Capricorn
Leo ~ Aquarius
Virgo ~ Pisces

Beloved how do you feel about most people who are your opposite sign? This is indicative to how you feel about those aspects of yourself; those aspects of your body. Remember that opposing signs bring awareness to each other. Furthermore, since we're comprised of every sign, what signs give you the most trouble? If you get a birth chart rendered you can find understanding as to what aspects of yourself you are seeing the reflection of in others. For example, if you don't like Scorpio you can find where Scorpio is in your chart and that is the part of you where you have the opportunity to LOVE more. 
Your earth sign is more healthy when you are grounded or have a vibrant Earth Star Chakra. It can be more dominant when one is not connecting with the higher aspects and realms of the universe. In retrospect, it can be deficient if one neglects or abuses the body and mother earth. There must be balance. This is a big part about what next month will bring up, justice for women in the face of millenniums of misogyny; justice for mother earth in the face of environmental abuse.


While this is how we can all relate to the energy of next month, I'll go a bit deeper into the genders. Each gender has a combination of divine feminine and divine masculine energy. The foundation of the divine feminine is the Vagina/Yoni. The foundation of the divine Masculine is the Penis/Lingham. Yet the vulva holds both energies, Yoni and Lingham, allowing woman to give birth to men and women through procreation. 
As a woman, be prepared to come into your own, feel empowered and free in your feminine body with all your beautiful emotions. Astrologically, the darkest point in our solar system, Lilith, will be right next to the brightest point... the sun. Both these points will be in opposition with the moon. Be prepared for your emotions and subconscious to bring awareness to the lightest and darkest aspects of yourself. Is there a battle or a cooperative effort within you? The moon will draw out the water/emotional aspects of you and allow you to empower your feminine side. I implore you not to hold it in... Don't burst beloved. Find a healthy way that feels good in your heart to express justice for your emotions.
As a man be prepared to have a seat if necessary. Having a healthy divine masculine allows you to step up and step back when it is necessary to avoid pit-falling into the redundancy of misogynistic patriarchy. Most importantly, realize that you have divine feminine aspects within yourself. Your creativity is divine and it is feminine. Take advantage of this time to create something empowering for mother earth that is transformative to your life purpose. Use your divine masculinity to fight for mother earth!

Things to avoid as a woman is being overzealous and abusing your power. Realize that "Lilith was Adam's first wife who refused to be submissive to him, according to ancient Hebrew myth. She stole power from Yahweh, grew wings and flew to the Red Sea where she remained." (Goddesses). Acknowledge that power is a gift of the divine and should never be misused or the law of karma will strike. True empowerment within the self allows you to humbly empower others and come into your own with a healthy abundance of GRATITUDE. "The candle loses no fire from lighting the wick of another." For example you do not have to seek out and find men to bash to make you feel good about yourself. Nor should you in any given situation take a mans condescension or sense of entitlement lightly. You don't owe anyone anything to be your beautiful self. You are a GODDESS.
Things to avoid as a man is feeling as if you're losing power because a woman is more empowered. Women are not entitled to give you anything and vice versa. We are all equal. Realize that we are all powerful in different ways. Allow people to express their personal power in healthy ways without trying to control or suppress them for doing so. Also do not be afraid of these strong feminine feelings that you will be experiencing in yourself. Embrace your feminine side without judgment. It is what it is. LOVE those parts of you. If you're mated with a woman, she may appreciate you being more supportive and sensitive. You may even feel more in touch with mother earth... Get you some good earthing in if ya feel right by it.

This is genuinely a time for feminine support. Its a time for women to get together, commune and build on the power of their infinite cosmic wombs. Also a time for men to empower women and the GODDESS within them, for they are a lovely compliment to the GOD in man. Beautiful woman appreciate your gorgeous self, inside and out. You fuggin deserve it and you're infinitely worth it. Handsome man appreciate what women do for us, after all you came from their yonis....