Dearest Libras 

Since your last solar return you may have felt overlooked in terms of success and expansion. It may even have felt like everyone around you is getting the blessing they worked for but not you. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter was in Virgo. This may have inspired you to feel ALMOST fulfilled or that you're ALMOST getting it right, even when everyone else sees the work you do as marvelous. 
When Jupiter went retrograde in January it may have felt like the rug was pulled from underneath you; your luck suddenly ran out or your support system just vanished. Don't take it personal, everyone felt this -- Libra or not.

Our good buddy Jupiter moves into our sign on Sept 9th and what an amazing year we have ahead of us. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, healing, honor, luck and success. It has a very paternal energy that allows the divine masculine in each of us to be honored. From now until the 9th it would be wise to prepare yourself spiritually so that you are in divine alignment when things begin to expand. You will have a lot of internal dialog as mercury is going retrograde on August 30th. Allow mercury's sit down time to provide healthy reflections on whatever arises. As things come up, honor them and release them. 

Prepare spiritually by praying to your ancestors, guardian angels, the Orishas, the Neteru and the most high. Say a prayer asking for guidance, clarity and understanding. Then say a prayer surrendering all your problems and worries over to them. Know that your prayers are heard, received and being answered.

Continue preparation by meditating. Even if you haven't tried before, a 1 minute meditation is life changing. There are many guided meditations available for free on the internet that really help. When I consciously embarked on my spiritual journey in 2012 I would play healing meditations while I slept. This allows the words and healing to access your subconscious more easily--healing you from the inside out.

Seeking out spiritual counsel is also encouraged. Say a prayer asking the divine to connect you with someone you trust who has spiritual prowess and can offer help or advice that serves your highest good and the highest good of all. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, even if you are a healer beloved. Receiving healing regularly is a part of self care.

Another important aspect of our preparation is intention revealing and setting. Say a prayer to the aforementioned asking what you should focus on to be revealed to you. When it is revealed, trust your intuition and focus on it... I recommend asking the divine to reveal our intention because its easy for our human nature to cloud our divine purpose. In retrospect, this is the difference between living in the heart and acting from the mind. When its been revealed, simply let the magic unfold....

This year you will need to rest when it is time to rest and work when it is time to work. This exactly means do not try to work on your off day.... Don't even think about it lol. As we Libras are very mental, we can plan an entire project in our minds and just act on it when it is time. Do not cheat yourself by over thinking when you should be resting. Let that beautiful mind of yours rest and more brilliant ideas will pour into your life, connecting the dots like the glue that you are, holding every situation together.