Beloveds in these times of mother earth's transition, our vibrations have naturally begun to raise in tandem with her's. We are moving out of darkness and into the light-- each of us becoming light beings with less denser vibrations. Mother earth is made of star dust. Our bodies are of the earth and our eternal souls are one with the divine source of all creation. It is in this capacity that we are all one. By choosing to flow with the divine nature of life, we are choosing to co-create with all that is, across space and time.

In these times, resistance within ourselves should be recognized, understood and released. By doing so, we are able to remain in the eternal flow of LOVE that ever so graciously emanates upon the frequency that LOVE itself vibrates. 

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we observe that we exist on and in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Our auric fields and the multiverse are examples of such. We can co-create with mother earth inter-dimensionally by exercising our sovereign right to raise our own vibrations. Here is a list of ways to do so spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

*Please substitute your preferred name for GOD as you see fit*


Praying by surrender is a free way to acknowledge the most high and communicate to the LOVING beings in higher realms that you are ready and willing to work with them to serve the highest good of all. By surrendering one's problems over to the divine you are in a sense "Holding your peace and letting the lord fight your battles." I can confidently express from experience, that when you surrender your problems over, the solution will quite often be placed right in your lap. It happens in many ways, shapes and forms: Ideas, inner peace, random blessings, and mountains will be moved for you, etc. This simple prayer can be said with the use of this surrender exercise:


First, get in touch with the situation at hand and find where it is in your body. 
       -Some situations are more emotional, some are more mental and some may have already manifested as physical ailments.

Create a cup with your hands.

Visualize the situation on all levels of its existence and see it pouring out of your body and into the cup of your hands. 
       -Don't just see it, but feel it happening. Feel the weight of this burden being removed from you.

Lift the cup as high as possible and give it over to the divine. Give it to your ancestors. Give it to your guardian angels. Give it to the Orishas. Give it to the Neteru. Give it to the eternal source of all creation. Do this while saying this simple prayer.

Universe I surrender this situation over to you. I put this in your hands forevermore. I release it. I let it go. Ase/Amen.

When the solution comes, give thanks to the divine and all those involved. Now walk in complete faith with a knowing that you are well taken care of.

Take a slow deep breath. Become aware of how you feel in this moment. 

Other spiritual methods to raise one's vibration include but are not limited to giving offerings, doing ritual, experiencing spiritual art, spiritual baths, energy healing and meditation through the lens of spiritual development that serves the highest good of all. 


The emotions with the highest vibrations are LOVE, GRATITUDE, JOY and PEACE. By choosing to feel these emotions, we are able to shift our consciousness to a vibration that is beneficial to the growth and progression of life in all places. We must use our willpower and choose to feel them. An accumulation of discord is common among those without a consistent spiritual practice. Therefore, it can and will be difficult to fight through much denser emotions to experience lighter ones. "Keep a heart as light as the feather on the head of Ma'at" - Unknown. Lower vibrational emotions include but are not limited to anger, rage, sadness, guilt, pity, and fear. By recognizing the presence of these emotions we are able to transmute them into higher vibrational allies. What's most important is accepting and acknowledging that these lower vibrational emotions exist so that we can do something to change them. 

In the presence of fear choose to have faith in the universe and yourself.
In the presence of anger choose compassion to find understanding within yourself and the situation at hand.
In the presence of resentment, discontent or dissatisfaction choose to be GRATITUDE for what the universe blessed you with.
In the presence of sadness choose to find JOY in even the simplest things in life.
In the presence of rage choose PEACE.
In the presence of guilt choose self-forgiveness. 
In the presence of vengeance choose forgiveness of others.
In the presence of pride choose humility. 
In the presence of vanity choose charity with a full cup and allow the over flow to provide for others. 
In the presence of pity choose empowerment for we are all unlimited beings and reflections of the creator. 
In the presence of sympathy choose empathy to find understanding for the plight of others. 
In the presence of hate choose LOVE.

These are just a few examples of the eternal myriad of emotions we have the capacity to feel. The aforementioned list is merely a reflection from my perspective, guided by the divine, to share with those who are lead to this influx of information. You may have different transmutations that cater more specifically to your situation. Please follow the LOVE in your heart. Follow what feels better. Walk towards what feels lighter in both ways. 

Other emotional methods to raise one's vibration include but are not limited to giving offerings, doing ritual, experiencing spiritual art, spiritual baths, energy healing and meditation through the lens of emotional wellness that serves the highest good of all.


"Clearing the mind is often as simple as distracting it or giving it something to do." Paraphrased from a Buddhist Monk, Huffington Post 2016. Become aware of how clear your mind is when you are doing meditative actions such as washing the dishes, taking a shower, driving your car or dancing. Actions that require conscious thought allow your mind to concentrate so deeply that you are able to be present in the now. The now is the only time and place we ever have. The future doesn't exist and the past is gone forever. There is never here and yonder is but a wonder. Therefore dwelling in any of them is unbeneficial to who you are right now. Who you will be has not yet been created and who you were pales in comparison to who you have become. The following practice is a meditation used to transmute any lower vibrational thoughts into a LOVING and PEACEFUL state of being.

Visualize a golden egg surrounding your body. This golden egg is filled with the divine healing and LOVING energy of the universe. Feel this energy surrounding your body and aura. Begin to inhale this golden LOVE into your body in all places it needs. Exhale from your mouth and feel yourself releasing any thoughts that no longer serve your highest good. As you release your worries, traumas etc. inhale the LOVE where voids have just been created. 

As you have found peace through this exercise. Continue to inhale LOVE and then begin to exhale GRATITUDE. This raises your vibration divinely and safely.

Other mental methods to raise one's vibration include but are not limited to giving offerings, doing ritual, experiencing spiritual art, spiritual baths, energy healing and meditation through the lens of mental development that serves the highest good of all. 


The body is a manifestation of the spiritual essence within each being. It is also the last and most primitive reflection of the divine source that we are reflections of. If one were to consider the closest essence of source being our eternal soul and then emotions would be the LOVING frequency and expression that we emanate. The intent of our emotions puts us on a frequency to create and receive thoughts indicative to said emotional frequency. Through the body we are then able to act on our thoughts: Spirit > Emotion > Thought > Action. Here are a few actions we can do to raise our vibrations. 

Eating healthy! As your vibrations increase and perhaps even after an awakening you may find that you just can't eat the same things anymore. Your body will literally reject it. Along my spiritual journey I've observed that I tend to give up less healthy food right around the same time I make great spiritual transformations. Is nature causing nurture or? Maybe it all works together. 

I first gave up beef and pork. Two years after, I gave up poultry and meat altogether. At this time, I still eat fish and eggs but intend to move onto being vegan. I gave up dairy around the same time as poultry but always held onto my mayonnaise and cheese. Recently I found my body reacting quite poorly to this so it had to go. The ultimate goal is being raw vegan. 

Fasting! A good fasting detox helps the body cleanse itself of toxins while increasing the immune system, providing emotional/mental clarity and building willpower. As you shed weight you will shed emotional baggage and past traumas as well. 

Exercise! Work that problem out! Exercise is an amazing practice that allows us to transmute our lower vibrations into constructive manifestations. However, I've found that working out angry yields less beneficial results because I felt more aggression in my body after. It was as if I was moving those thoughts and emotions right into my muscular composition.  It wasn't until I incorporated positive affirmations that I found exercising to be holistically beneficial to my highest good. 

Other physical methods to raise one's vibration include but are not limited to giving offerings, doing ritual, experiencing spiritual art, spiritual baths, energy healing and meditation through the lens of physical development with the intent to serve the highest good of all.

Beloveds here a plenty of ways to raise those vibes…….The most simplest form of receiving what your heart is calling you towards is asking. Just ask the Universe lol. “Universe can you raise my vibration on all levels?”

What you seek, seeks you. 

Houiea LOVE the Mage