I've come to know this as ritual because I do this when moving into any new space I inhabit. I recommend it for anywhere you pay rent or own. For more temporary space holdings I suggest a simple sage smudging of the rooms being used coupled with a prayer of good intention. The items needed in this ritual are listed below:

Bowl - White recommended
Salt - Himalayan or dead sea recommended
white sage

*Please substitute the name for GOD that best fits you*

Close all windows and doors in the entire space on every floor.
Begin at the upper most level of the house in the farthest corner away from the front door.
Light the sage and begin smudging the four corners of every room or closet. Smudge the four corners of every window and door as you pass them organically.
When you are finished with a room, walk in a swirl with the sage held high until you end in the middle of the room.
Do this process for every room, even with hallways. 

Next, take out the water and add salt. Say this prayer to bless the water.
"GOD, bless this water with your LOVING energy. Cleanse and protect this space from any malevolent spirits and energies forever. Bless this space with [Insert intention for the space]."
You now have holy water charged with intention.

Now walk throughout the space sprinkling water on every wall, ceiling, floor, window and door of the space while chanting "I cleanse and clear this space with the power of GOD"

Take your time with the sage and holy water. Allow yourself to feel the power of GOD move through you.

When you are finished with the holy water you should feel a difference. Set the bowl on your alter as an offering. Open all windows and visualize a tube of white light connecting your space from the heavens to the core of mother earth. Feel your space being the center point of this convergence and allow it to fill with pure LOVING light. Allow the space to air out for about 5-10 minutes. Then exit from the front door and re-enter your newly cleared space. Close windows as desired.

Enjoy your peace. As you move forward, be mindful of the energy you welcome. Hence forth, anything you allow inside your space will leave behind its own remnants. This includes but is not limited to people, films, videos, books, furniture, art, antiques, and most importantly..... words. Your voice has much power.