As we are well aware of propaganda and the affects its had on humanity thus far, I feel that many people still fall victim to the psychological and emotional manipulation it systematically perpetuates. Therefore I shall do my best to enlighten those who wish to see the light that shines through me. 

I'll keep this short and pungent. When there are similar videos/stories that are going viral at the same time many people just go along with it. The common unwoke american falls for the emotional appeal because, by nature, we humans are empathetic. This next part is very important. For some time now our politicians have been liars. They use traumatic events to inspire the american public to support their agendas. If one controls the american public, then every where else in the world will be affected. 

Step 1

The agenda is planned behind closed doors.

Step 2

The American people are brainwashed through an emotional appeal:

For black people who are the descendants of slaves, our familiar oppressive narrative is further shoved down our third eyes and psychological reprogramming ensues. 

"The innocent black woman beaten."

Yes, these are real and unjust events but why so auspiciously now. You can't pay me to believe that black people haven't been dying at the hands of police brutality in these past 3 months. They have, and I know activists who have been sharing the stories, wondering why they haven't gone viral. These videos were chosen and made viral to inspire black people to desire justice against asians. Why now? 

Now for those who are of the "privileged" sort, there's a more sophisticated emotional appeal. Sad stories like these are told to influential people who have the power to affect change in this world and provide opportunities for others to do so. 

"I must save her"

Sad stories like these are told to influential people who have the power to affect change in this world and provide opportunities for others to do so. This has been going on in North Korea for decades. Who supported this summit?This video was made popular with the underhanded intent to inspire the upper middle class to desire justice against north korea. Why now? 

Pause, Ground and Center.

Before I go any further I would like to firmly state that, as a black man, I felt every emotion these videos inspired. I felt the anger for my beaten sisters. I felt the pain of this young korean woman. However, when I feel such deep emotions I meditate to ground and center before making any irrational decisions. "If you can anger your enemy, then you've won half the battle." - unknown. With a clouded mind we become disoriented and easily influenced by rage. Don't let people feed your fire beloveds. If someone can make you angry then they have control over you. 

How interesting is it that Qi Gong, which began in the east, teaches practitioners to achieve a state of "no fire." What a morbid play on words. The state of no fire allows people to be at peace without any emotional charge. This does not mean negate or avert emotion, but to become like water. Allow it to flow and through the breath, bring your waters to stillness--thus observing the true meaning and root of this emotion.

Below you will find a quick meditation technique that regulates your fire and brings you back to peace in a matter of moments. Always follow your heart. 

Breath of Fire

Step 3

Then we start to see articles and news reports at the political level. How nice, they've saved the day. I did a quick google search by simply typing in "America North Korea Politics." This is what I found. 

I wonder how they'll put this fire out that they've started.

These news reports with such alarming headlines are the smoke and the viral videos are the mirrors.  So I bring you my perspective based on what I see now that adheres to cycles of world history in the past. Step 4 is up for you to decide.  What will you do?

You will not find a list of to do's in this blog post. You will not find a call to action. You will not find a grandiose deduction with the intent to make people think a certain way. This is simply to spread a deeper awareness and to simulate healthy thought. Its not always about what the person writing the article thinks. What do you think? More importantly, what do you feel in your heart?