By now I'm sure you're well aware of the people who "don't see color," in America. As a spiritual being having a black experience, I once found it disheartening to witness such separation within an individual. Now, I find compassion for their pain and denial. Be they black or white, choosing not to see the absolute depth of what's occurring in this world is a disservice to humanity as a whole.

This way of thinking has lead white people, who choose cognitive dissonance in the face of adversity, to then poison the fragile, traumatized and oppressed minds of black people. The age old house nigger/field nigger mentality is reignited on a psychological level in 2017, and those who have fear in their hearts seek sanctuary from the Post Traumatic Slave Disorder that continues to resurface. Some people march, some do self-care, some organize and some black people, whom I'm ashamed to call my siblings, find recluse behind the oblivious veil of white privilege.

As the law of exchange still applies, they must figure out what they will give, to be free from the pain they are avoiding. This is quite often when a coon is born. White people accept them with open arms as their new commodity, in exchange for relinquishing their color, history and heritage. Ironically, as they lay their rich culture at the door to gain access, it is then appropriated by the same white people who gave them sanctuary. Now they must watch in silence, as the blood of their ancestors is degraded right before their very eyes.

The silencing is a part of the intentional psychosis that further removes them from their black bodies. Yes, we are light. Yes, we are infinite. Yes, we are all one. Yet, these truths are not supported by the ignoring or suppression of our traumas, but through their acknowledgement. We must shine the very light that breathes through us, upon the darkest mysteries within our beings so that we may heal once more. If you have truly found sanctuary, then there will be a place for your utmost vulnerability, not your conformatory exclusion. The depths of your heart will be heard and honored by the white people you hide behind. You chose to be black during this time in history for a reason. Was it to allow the perpetuation of oppression and injustice, or to take action in support of what serves the highest good?

I speak from experience, as I once meticulously maneuvered through the medical industrial complex as a poster child for multiple non-profits. While I “spookfully” sat by the doors of their condescension, I patiently waited for the divine to reawaken my radical action and bring awareness to this world, through my living testimony. The recompense I felt was likened to redemption’s kiss, as I could finally express my full truth-- uninhibited by the opinions and micro-aggressions of systemic oppression. "Let us help you so we can say we had a hand in your success, because we see that you will be successful anyway. Just make sure you tell the world that a white man saved you and made it possible." - sincerely, our white subconscious-aggressions.

Please don't wonder why many celebrities and athletes are silent during these times. Their paychecks depend on it. No matter how “woke” or black they portray themselves to be, most of them have a white boss that gave them permission to create the content you LOVE so dearly. To express their pain, empathy or full vulnerability would mean that something is wrong with them, or that they are not satisfied with how massa is blessing them. Wherein we find the reclamation of Colin Kaepernick's humanity. In my opinion, the NFL doesn't deserve such a great person. Nor do I believe in forcing white people to accept us into spaces that we inspired and now dominate-- same goes for these award ceremonies. Fuck the recognition that you try and sell to my authentic black experience. I'm well aware of who I am in this 3rd dimension. I am grounded and deeply rooted in the blood shed of my ancestors. They built this country, and we're the ones who keep it going.

We must remember that once upon a time, the term "mental illness" was reborn out of slavery. If a slave wanted to run away, then something had to be wrong in his or her mind, therefore slave breakers were hired. How has this ideology ravaged through our communities, while we watched our most vocal peers get sent to the counselor throughout grade school? In this moment, I find so much compassion for the trapped and dormant blackness within some of the most influential people of this world. They must choose between appeasing the white people that approve of them and releasing the accumulation of black pain, brought by unsaid words, that has created blockages in their throat chakras-- silencing their growth and the progression of humanity as a whole. When you grow, everyone grows.

They find themselves supporting other black people who have the courage to express their raw truth, but only behind closed doors so that they can save face. They thank us for articulating what they could not, yet they do not realize that we are only inspiration, and expressing their truth is an inevitability that can only be manifested by them. I am not your truth. You are. If I'm changing the world with my platform, imagine what you could do with yours. Still, through compassion, I find LOVING words of encouragement for them.

Realize that the process to sharing your truth begins by journeying inside with complete authenticity. Be prepared to face what’s coming up for you with faith and a knowing that you will overcome. To what extent has your inner child been broken? To what depths are you needing to relinquish your pride, so you can simply admit how hurt you are? Release the self limiting beliefs you have vested in your financial security. Its an illusion anyway and money is not real. It can all be gone in a second. Operating from fear will always lead to more fear and suppression. Operating from faith will always lead to more faith and freedom. No matter what, remember that GOD is helping you. No matter what, remember that GOD wants you to truly be happy, beyond the façade that actually brings you sadness during those brief moments of solitude that you avoid. Release the judgements that convince you that you're unworthy of GOD'S LOVE. You are GOD’S LOVE. Sit with yourself to replenish your divine radiance. Inhale the infinite cosmic light of the universe and allow it to fill your entire being. For your internal guidance can carry you through the midst of ANY storm, and GOD can bless you better than any person ever could.