Finding balance in this new paradigm will come at the expense of everything that brought you an imbalance in the old one. Be prepared to sacrifice the old you and burn yourself in the cosmic flames of concrete reality in order to renew. Rebirth yourself in the fertile ashes of your past and rise again like the Phoenix, now more equipped and prepared to endure the greatness of your future. Why? Because you are present in this moment.

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Beloveds, I implore you not to resist this transformation, for it will only make the universe do it for you-- and it may just come as a cosmic slap on the butt. Surrender to the true depths of yourselves when things come up for you. Do not run from your triggers, but instead face them with complete faith that the most high will have your enemies shooting blanks right in your face, no matter how hard they try. Allow your triggers to be a beacon for what's coming up for you, as opposed to a somatic response of fight or flight. Break the cycle by checking in with yourself, if only for a moment, to ask your higher self what's coming up for you and why. Then open your senses to receive. Try meditating to clear your mind if you can't hear your internal guidance clearly. Most importantly, continue your life with complete faith that the answer will be revealed to you. Because it will.

More masculine men may be crumbling under the weight of their own egos, simply because they choose not to be emotional or more spiritual. You are not less of a man because you experience a full range of emotions. You will not need your woman less because you are gaining a “men's” intuition. It's time for that. How many times have you heard women say they wish men were more emotional? Think also about how good it feels while unpacking the depths of your emotional authenticity. Letting your emotions flow is a gift of self LOVE. You may find a guru who can teach you about the power of the mind and its many facets, however what they won't tell you, is that you will experience a great death of the ego when it's time for yet another awakening, so you can live in your heart space. Thereafter you will learn to wield the ego and not judge yourself for having it.

More feminine, “earthly in-tune” and spiritual men at this time may be coming into their own. They have quite possibly been attacked and/or oppressed by more egotistical people in the past. However, now is the judgement day that they have wished for. Mother earth has seen, heard and felt your cries. By way of the most high, all your suppression will now subside! Be prepared to lead from your heart(your first brain), and exemplify what it means to thrive from a place of integral spirituality. Transversely these fellas could be sitting in a pit of sorrow because they simply don't want to assert themselves and step into their divine power. While Jupiter is in Scorpio and Saturn transits Capricorn, I firmly recommend that you choose the former. Mother earth and everything that serves the highest good in the universe is supporting you.

More feminine women may be having trouble with this transition, as they've often been paired with “a strong man,” to bare the weight of this physical reality. At this time coddling will not help them, but instead enable their own stagnation. They are needing more divine masculine energy to balance out their hyper femininity. This energy must come from inside of them. They must be inspired to expand their internal fires and get more active! Assert yourself where and when you need to, my beloveds. Most importantly, obtain a healthy practice of self assertion by making yourself do what you know you need to do. Exercise, get that body-ody-ody moving and that divine masculine energy flowing. Look to the great female leaders of the past and embody some of the divine masculine traits they have used, to not only inspire change, but sit amongst men and take up the space that you so rightfully command. LOVE on your body like you want someone else to do for you. Ayurvedic teachings recommend self oil massages after baths. Try one out and touch every part of you.

More masculine women may be having trouble during these times because they may have been under the impression that men would be bowing down to their every command. No sis. Have some gnosis. Break the trance of societal hypnosis. Do not allow pop culture to influence your inner guidance. Humility is needed because you are a great representation of the balance between both worlds. You have been ahead of your time and may have suffered the consequential ridicule associated with that-- from both genders. Step into the firm softness that you embody as a great protectress of humanity and our future generations. Don't judge or hide yourself simply because your expression and affirmation of life looks different from what people are used to. The world needs you to be yourself. You are the change that you're wanting to see.

The archetype man is masculine and the archetype woman is feminine. Let us give thanks to them for finding complementary counterparts to create the balanced children of our future. Let us give thanks to them for sustaining the lives they could, with what they had since the fall of Atlantis. All they have done and still continue to do is not in vain, nor have we seen the last of them. There are still plenty archetype relationships that exist now and will coalesce in the future.

However, more feminine men and more masculine women are the blueprint of our future. This does not in any way mean that everyone will be homosexual. However the Age of Aquarius certainly does bring a fluidity to sexual orientation as a whole. Much of it has been occurring in secret and on a subconscious level anyway. Those erotic play fights among men and cuddle relationships among women have often been the gateways to exploring one's sexuality. If the source of all creation is unlimited, then why should our perception of anything be limited.

I do intend to address the fear within some that if people are anything but heterosexual, then it will cause depopulation. First of all, depopulation has already been occurring, just take a look at the statistics in the impoverished communities of America. Furthermore, 51% of children born in North America are unintended. What would a world look like if every child was wanted and planned, but more importantly, divinely conceived by balanced individuals? Every time a parent looks upon an unintended child, he or she is a reminder of the conflict they were born out of. In all actuality, there was no mistake to begin with, but instead an opportunity to heal how the process of life itself has unfolded and skewed a parent's perception.


Now I leave you with this call to action, as our freedom is beckoning at the helms of ourselves. What can you do, in this moment, to create a better future? For the future we are creating will be for ourselves first, because we are and always have been our ancestors. Yet the immediate beneficiaries of what we create will be our dearest LOVED ones. What seeds can you plant that you will be able to help your descendents cultivate, while you exist on the ancestral plain? Better yet, what seeds have been planted for us, that our ancestors may be trying to cultivate with us now?