1 Mojo bag
High John root
One 7 Day green candle
One 7 Day blue candle
One 7 Day white candle

Ylang ylang oil
Ginger Powder or Root
Dragons Blood 
A Cap full of War Water
Four Sheets of Paper


On one sheet of paper write the names of all the honorable ancestors you can find in your direct bloodline. Then add, "And any that I've forgotten or do not know." Place this on your alter and say their names often. Speak to them. Give thanks to them.

On the other sheets of paper write the following incantation:

I summon the power of the source of all creation to impeach Donald John Trump from the executive office of the United States of America, swiftly and permanently. 

By Spirit I impeach thee. 

By Air I impeach thee.

By Fire I impeach thee

By Water I impeach thee. 

By Earth I impeach thee. 

Now is the time. He is freed from his presidency. 

I call on all the honorable ancestors of my bloodline to make it so. I call on all the honorable ancestors of the land where I stand to make it so. 

Ase Amen

Place this incantation on your alter and leave it.


Cleanse your candles with Sage, Florida Water or Palo Santo.

Bless them

Visualize and breath through a tube of white healing light that descends from the cosmos and ascends from the core of mother earth. For your first breath, inhale this infinite energy into your heart chakra and exhale, expanding it through out your entire body. Second, inhale it through your hands and into the candle. Third breath, inhale the same way again and this time speak the incantation over each candle

Then light your candles.


Mix the herbs in a small bowl. Set a small amount aside to dress the candles, to put in the Mojo bag and larger amount to be used in a bathe. 

Your ancestors will let you know the correct amount. In the bath you will have to become vulnerable and surrender to the will of the divine. Every ritual I provide is healing. This bath is cleansing you from the things his presidency has caused. You must be healed beloved. 

Add the herbs

The cap full of war water

The high John root

Fold one of the Incantations and add it to the water

Speak these words over the waters to bless them: 

I summon the power of the source of all creation to bless these waters with the primordial essence of the universe.

I summon the power of the source of all creation to bless these waters with the power to cleanse me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I summon the power of the source of all creation to cleanse and heal me of Donald John Trumps Presidency. 


Cry if tears come. Let your tears be libations for your ancestors. They are the most powerful ingredient in a spiritual bath. Immerse your entire body.

Rip the incantation into pieces and flush it down the toilet.


After your bath, the top of your candles should be melted. Add the herbs you set aside(Dragons Blood last). Then rip one of the incantations into three, and burn each strip, using the flame from each candles.

Collect the high John root from your bath and add it to your mojo bag, along with the herbs you set aside. Fold the final incantation and add it to your mojo bag. Carry it with you until victory has come. Grab it and give thanks to your ancestors whenever you see Trump or hear his name. Read the names of your ancestors daily at your alter and recite the incantation. 

Remember Joy throughout this experience. That's what it will lead to. Stay on this vibration as much as possible. 

Dance. Sing. Hug. Commune. Celebrate Victory.

Ase Amen