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I decolonize my nudity because my ancestors walked with it purely. As I reclaim my sovereignty within this “Free Nation,” I find myself stretching to new vastness and witnessing exactly where the glass shatters with my expansion. It was never a glass ceiling my dears, it was a glass ball. Every which way our ancestors turned, they found fear-- like a 360 degree sphere. So like a true vitruvian black man, I infinitely and continuously expand said sphere without fear.


Where and when did the shaming of our black bodies begin to creep into our lineage, infecting our bloodlines with colonial intentions and the image of a savior that could only be controlled by the catholic church? Why have stories of countless manifestations of christ consciousness been hidden and or watered down by those who intend to control the masses and keep them asleep? Awaken my LOVES and stay woke. The rapture has been here and judgment day is among us. In the dead sea scrolls we find that christ consciousness is the divine rebellious force that is embodied to overcome the seemingly insurmountable evils of this world. This happens within and without. However, said intentions can only be brought forth when there is more faith in the divine than fear in that which does not serve the highest good. Then and only then will divine justice continue to reign.

In 1804, history was made by calling on this very aspect of the divine. Our honorable ancestors in the caribbean went into ritual, that we now know as Wakeema, and overturned the colonization of their lands. This was not only for Haiti, the energy was just grounded there. When we tap into the indigenous cultures and elemental forces, then mother earth herself will send the assistance necessary to rectify predicaments for her children.

“If we, as indigenous folks and descendants, are still waiting for a white savior to come, then at some point we have to accept that what we’re waiting for is to be colonized.”

We are made of mother earth’s sustenance, meaning we are one with her. How you treat and feel about your body is often a reflection of your connection with her. This is why indigenous cultures do not need to be colonized in order to live fulfilling lives. Joy is the real gold and it can only be robbed of us if we relinquish it.


Wherein I digress from my radical introduction, to express very plainly that I find joy in the expansion and liberation of my soul. I do not allow the policing of my beauty in any way-- certainly not by any beliefs rooted in shame and/or insecurity. As a healer of deep trauma for 7 years now, I am well aware of what unhealed and unaddressed shame does to the psyche, let alone our deep emotional wells; let alone our bodies. Left alone, this shame can often lead others to feel left alone in a world full of LOVING support-- simply because they will not allow themselves to be their true selves. Unfortunately, some who feel ashamed have learned to cast said shame onto others for being courageous enough to live liberated in a world that confines the former to their own constricting egos and colonized beliefs.

“Decolonize your mind”

My nudity is not an invitation to your perversion, nor do I intend to police any responses of my self expression. I personally speak in honor of my liberation, after witnessing some microaggressions from people who feel ashamed of their bodies. I work consistently to maintain the thriving of my body in a country that hunts many of the demographics that I identify with. So it will be expressed at my leisure and hopefully it will inspire others to live liberated without fear of what will be said.

“Decolonize the sexualization of black bodies.”

I’ve set my own beauty standards and they are centered around the longevity of good health. Yogi’s of the eastern world often wear very little when they practice yoga, so excuse yourself if I practice hot yoga in compression shorts. Need I express that many tribes across Africa also wear very little?

“I’m actually a nudist at home.”

Throughout my healing journey I’ve found that taking my clothes off triggers desires within people that I have absolutely no control over. The intersecting aspects here being healing and nudity. This is what I deal with as a man, so imagine how women feel when they wear their yoga pants. People are free to share whatever they want with the world, even if they’re in a thong. This does not mean we’re thirst trapping or seeking any certain type of attention that you’ve projected onto our public displays of self affection.


I express these points using gender neutral pronouns because men are overtly guilty of this behavior towards women, but women are often subvertly just as guilty. The double standard comes in where women decide that every man should be sexually available for them at any time. So how dare a man have feelings and not want to be touched with those perverted intentions? How dare a man want true LOVE? This does not make him less of a man. It makes him the emotionally sensitive man that you all complain does not exist.

“People are not sex slaves.”

I personally speak from experience when I share how women have done “LOVE spells” on me simply because they wish to “Prove the power of their pussy,” by turning a self identifying gay man straight. These women usually have been hurt by a more assertive or distant man and wish to prove their self worth with the presence of a new one that they feel safe controlling. Heal yourself, and that goes for men and women. As men, we need to learn to control our sexual desires without feeling emasculated because we don’t pursue what is in front of us. Women could learn to be less judgmental when men express their vulnerability, instead of only when they require empathy.


The balance being cultivated from this global paradigm shift will occur by each individual reclaiming the lost divine principle that they learned to surrender over in interpersonal relationships. No one is coming along to be your heart. You were born with it, so use it to LOVE. No one is coming along to provide protection. You have ancestors for that, and we have documented proof that they bring results. Just ask mother earth, the original ancestor! Every relationship we encounter reflects a part of our wholeness. Realize that those who we share time with are reflections of things that are already within us. We were born complete. So we need no one to make us whole. The beauty of this collective moment allows us the freedom to always hold some parts of us to ourselves, and only we have the pleasure and responsibility of exploring that sacredness. This is why self LOVE and introspection is so important. We can only experience true LOVE when it is embodied.

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