Houiea Designs was founded in November of 2014 as Rue de Francois, the first Non-profit House of Fashion. Due to the corporate model and infrastructure of the current non-profit industry, it has evolved into a Charitable House of Fashion. This change came in divine timing with Houiea's spiritual transformation. It is now an appendage in the design sector of the entire brand presented by Houiea LOVE the Mage.

For inquiries please email HouieaLOVE@gmail.com

NYFW 2016  Fashion Exhibition at  Sehiii Lounge - Images by @Unscripted_Moments

Fall/Winter 2016 Editorial with  Aissata - Photography by Papa - Jewlery by Uniquely Wired 

Fall Winter 2015 Editorial with  Aissata and Gabrielle Navarro - Photography by Houiea LOVE

Fall 2015 Editorials with  Aissata photgraphy and Ben Tchoudjin by Bymsha Brown Photography

Summer 2015 Editorial  - Gabrielle Navarro and Jonathan Coleman Photography by Houiea LOVE

First Editorial Summer 2015

For Design or Photography inquiries please contact HouieaLOVE@gmail.com