Soul Contract Rewriting


Each of us has a soul contract and every choice we make shapes and rewrites it. This contract is a living document that dwells in the most sacred places of your divine essence. When you are influenced or touched in that sacred space, your contract is affected. Trauma can alter it, just as much as a great triumph. This is why claiming sovereignty over your being and dominion over your OWN soul is imperative. The collecting of other people's soul energy is unnecessary if you breathe correctly using prana through your chakra system. The cosmic breathe of life is the path to ascension. It is a practice that envelopes light into the physical body. Without it, people fast and die.

During a session, we will go over these topics in detail and thoroughly heal them at the core level.

Life Partner

After healing these aspects of your lives through the Akashic records, we will write clauses that you agree to, with yourself for your soul contract. Though it can be changed at anytime, I suggest sitting with the changes for at least a month and allowing them to manifest. These sessions are about 3 hours long with a 30 minute break in between. Houiea is available at all times for fine tuning and aftercare support. To meet accommodations, sessions can be split or broken down. See the options above!

Akashic Records

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Akashic Record Readings access the ethereal information that exists across time and space to serve the highest good of all. During a reading your entire soul collective will be summoned, past lives and future lives, as well as any Master, Teacher and LOVED one across space and time. These sessions are just as much energetic healing as they are readings. During an intuitive reading the reader is using a drop of their intuition. However during an Akashic record reading the reader is merging with an ocean of information. All sessions are question based, so formulating a list of "What, How and Why" questions is recommended. "When and Yes or No" questions are not. 



"I received an akashic record reading from you at the start of the New Year and just wanted to reach out to show my love, gratitude and appreciation for you. My session was affirming and I appreciate your ability to see right to the heart of the question or issue. Keep shining. I am with you and look forward to witnessing your evolutions."

So much gratitude

Past Life Healing


During a past life healing session we will open the Akashic records and pin point the exact lifetime that is coming up for you. We each carry past life information embedded within our soul's memory. Ironically, its quite common to bring in the traumas and emotional baggage associated with these lifetimes. The lords of the records and I have dubbed this phenomenon as having a Post Traumatic Past Life. During a past life healing session we will do exercises to heal and permanently release any unbenificial remnants from the past, while at the same time integrating any gifts from previous incarnations that the soul is now ready to embody.